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i need a solution for darker skin areas

Hey brides, 
I have darker skin in my elbows, between thights and suddenly i discovered a small darker area under my arm :( i donno if its from stress or i got it while hair removel :(
My wedding is after a month :( any solution ??

Re: i need a solution for darker skin areas

  • Talk to a dermatologist.  Sometimes darker skin areas are from something as simple as chafing (likely cause between the thighs), drier, rougher skin (like your elbows), etc.  But it can also be indicative of other skin issues, which you'll want to have checked out.  Your derm can recommend something to fade them if that's what you really want to do.

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  • Go to sephora and buy ole henrikson Pure perfection. It should lighten it up a bit within a month! Dove has a new deodorant for dark underarms. i never used it but read good reviews.
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