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Brides with Braces

I'm getting married at the end of the month and have braces.

In my last appointment, the orthodontist mentioned that he could take off the front 4 for the wedding. 

I'm weighing the pros and cons.  What do you think?  Is it worth it?  Do you know if the wire would be there and just not the brackets?

Re: Brides with Braces

  • I would ask him. I don't know what that means to just take off the front ones. If it were me I'd get them removed.
  • My orthodontist did that for my senior prom, but it was expensive.  Plus, there were still outlines from the 4 brackets and the wires were visible. 
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  • Thanks for the info. 

    The orthodontist won't take them completely off.  He's worried that my canines, which we have been working hard on, would start to shift back. 

    However, he seems to be willing to remove the front 4 for free.

    I may just leave them on, especially if the wire would still run across the front anyway.

    Thanks again!!!
  • I would get them removed as well.
  • I would definately get them removed. Your wedding is the most important day of your life!
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  • you have been working hard to fix your teeth for how long?! I wouldn't risk my teeth moving back and being in braces even longer. Talk to your photographer and see if he/she can edit out your braces in a couple of the portraits or something so you have a couple to display without the braces. :)
    We just stopped preventing January 2013! I use a tablet so please forgive my auto correct! :)
  • You'll have to talk to your orthodontist about the specific facts in your case. However, if he's willing to do it free, the only con that I can see is the time involved. If you do decide to do it, figure out in advance when you'll have them put back on. I have braces, too. If they aren't ready to come off permanently by our wedding date, I'll pay my orthodonist an extra $100 to take them off and put them back on. It will be worth it to me because I care a lot more what my actual guests see at my destination wedding than I do what the photos look like.
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    [QUOTE]I would definately get them removed. Your wedding is the most important day of your life!
    Posted by heinz11msw[/QUOTE]

    That may be true, but risking your teeth for it is kinda dumb in my opinion.  Now if it's no risk, cool.

    Plus, hate to break it to you but meeting my husband was the most important day of my life thus far.  Looking pretty is just that.  just looking pretty.
  • I had braces two years ago and I was scheduled to be in  wedding. Before I even had the braces put on, the orthodontist and I had discussed taking them off for the wedding. I went in on Thursday and he completely removed the braces and made me a clear reetainer. (I had to go out of state) He told me to wear the retainer as much as possible. That Monday, I went back and he put them back on..all for the original cost of the braces. The end result? I had a beautiful smile for the weekend, and it only cost me six extra weeks in the braces. (what's six weeks after 1.5 years?) I would push the issue with the ortho. He can do it on Thursday and have you back in them by Monday.
  • I agree.  I think it is most definately worth it to get them off for that weekend.
    My braces looked terrible in pictures and I hated them.  Thankfully they have been off for a year and a half (after wearing them for 26 months).  It was always on my wish list to have my teeth corrected before my wedding day :)
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