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Bangs have me banging my head against the wall!

I've tried 3 hairstyles with no luck, partly because of my bangs.  With a cowlick up front and an impatient personality, growing them out has never been something I've been able to do.  My fiance prefers up and curly styles (the only request he made for the day, oddly enough) and I am really struggling with finding styles that won't make me look like a 7th grader.  I've tried sweeping them to the side, but they look like a bad combover when I've gone for trials.  I'm at the point where I want to ditch the veil and wear my hair the way I usually do (stright, parted to the side, bangs piecy) but I'm getting no support from those who have asked about my style.  No photos really have bangs, and those who do look like little girls or older women.  Any help would be so greatly appreciated!

Re: Bangs have me banging my head against the wall!

  • Years from now when you are looking back at your wedding photos, I don't think you'll ever be upset that you looked young.  I would just wear your hair up and then just wear your bangs like you normally do.
  • sloanawsloanaw member
    are your bangs long enough to french braid? it is becoming more popular to french braid a little to one side and have an updo in the back, kind of like this:

    only do the back in curls or something instead of a bun?
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  • agree with PP - need a pic :) or french braid them in!
  • meep2meep2 member
    I have bangs, and without them despite everyone's comments to the contrary I fear I approach five-head territory. So I sympathize.

    I'd try a couple of things. First, the problem with sweeping them to the side might be the cut more than anything else. Sometimes you need your bangs to be re-styled, because either too much hair from the rest of your head becomes "bangs," or your bangs become sparse because less and less gets cut each time. If you got them cut differently, tapered, and thicker, they might sweep better. Talk to the person who trims them.

    Second, face-framing pieces can help incorporate bangs into the rest of hairstyle, even if your bangs aren't 80s-curly or are fairly straight, and the rest is curled.
  • OOH I love those!  ThanksSmile
  • I have bangs and I found a few pics but they are mostly hanlf up - half down

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