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Bridesmaids dress check/dress dillemma update!!!!!!

SO.....i went back home to jersey today with my friends and fam and they all picked out their dresses!!! It was a little chaotic because the store we went to was jam packed but thats ok lol! Plus, i saw a pic in a magazine that was my inspiration pic for my bridal party...i have 6 girls and two junior BM's....and i wanted each of my girls to be in a different color/different dresses (but very specific colors, bright summery colors--pink, orange, and a watermelon color). so when the girls were lined up it would be alternating colors....so cool looking!!! we found the orange and the pink that i liked with one designer and i was about to just settle with those two colors until my sisters (who are both my matrons of honor) found two dresses they felt comfortable in in a totally different designer, and that designer just happened to have the "watermelon" color i was looking for...so they will both be in the same color....so it worked out in the end!!!! PHEW!!!! major check!!!!!!!

as for my dress....i can not for whatever reason download my 1000 pics of me in my dress lol, i dont know why!!!! so frustrating! anywho....i went to my seamstress today and tried the dress on again....and i FINALLY felt that feeling again....like when i had first tried the dress on....that feeling that i've been waiting to resurface over my anxiety of the dress! i thought it was beautiful and perfect once again:)

Re: Bridesmaids dress check/dress dillemma update!!!!!!

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