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What the WHAT!?!?

Sweet dear FI decides on Saturday morning he "may not" want to have the wedding at our house. Um freak out in 3...2...1.... This surprisingly happens after we have his groomsmen over on Friday and they are talking about how drunk they are going to get...Luckily and thats a BIG luckily our guest count is small and I'm super resourceful. Went though my list of venues I liked before deciding on the backyard wedding and started rapid fire calling to see if the dates was available. 2 of the 6 were and so we not only had a venue but a choice of two. We are going to book the one we choose today. Crisis averted and FI's head still intact!! haha!

The only major thing that will be changed is the invites have to be reprinted which is not that major in the grand scheme of things. Seriously though who throws a curve ball like that at someone 3 months before the wedding. FI better be glad I'm understanding AND flexible!! ** patting myself on the back and shaking my head in agreence**

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