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covering my tattoo...maybe?

So, I have a rather large tattoo on my back. I got it in memory of my good friend who lost his life to brain cancer while we served together in the Army and for my own battle with Cancer...but I suppose it doesn't really accent my dress to well and my mother said it wouldn't look good at all and blah blah blah.

I'm debating if I should even cover it? I was thinking to wear my hair down, it's just above my waist lengtht and maybe have some soft curls for the wedding.

My veil is elbow length with a satin corded edge, two tire also.

 I'm honestly at a loss as to what I should do. I've heard the "tattoo cover ups" really don't work all to well.

This is my dress from the back.



And my tattoo.



Re: covering my tattoo...maybe?

  • Tacky, ugly tattoos I would definitely cover. But your's has a strong, powerful meaning. I love your's! It's very well done and very beautiful. If your dress is going to cover  any of it at all, I'd cover it all. But if you can see the whole thing with the dress on, I'd probably keep it. If some is covered, it can look tacky-ish. :)
  • In Response to Re: covering my tattoo...maybe?:
    [QUOTE]If your dress is going to cover  any of it at all, I'd cover it all. But if you can see the whole thing with the dress on, I'd probably keep it. If some is covered, it can look tacky-ish. :)
    Posted by brimcleod[/QUOTE]

    Well, between my hair (if I keep it down for the wedding) and veil, that will cover most of it when i'm standing. I think the very bottom part of the tattoo is covered by the dress, but thats about it. 

    My hair stylist is also doing makeup and I've talked a little bit to her about this, but I think I need to make up my mind first if I even want it covered.

    I understand why my mom doesn't enjoy looking at it and seeing her only daughter getting married with a big ol' tattoo right there with all the other pretty stuff in the wedding, but I'm just going to have to think about this maybe.

    See how well my stylist/makeup gal can cover it first, might be a good idea.
  • You have BEAUTIFUL hair! I'd leave it down, if it covers most of the tattoo then mom won't suffer through seeing it for the ceremony, and then all will be right with the world. :)

    I think tattoos are part of who you are. Especially yours. If it bothers Mom, then I'd probably arrange my hair so that most of it is covered for the ceremony, but I wouldn't stress over covering it with make-up or making sure not one bit shows for the day.

    I have a small wrist tattoo and I thought about wearing a big bangle to cover it for the wedding, but I realized it's part of me, and it means something to me, so I didn't cover it. My photographer actually wanted photos of it, which made me happy.
  • Why would you have gotten a beautiful and meaningful (and permanent) tattoo just to cover it up and pretend you don't have it on your wedding day? It is a part of you and you got it for a reason. Wear your hair however you'd like and just be yourself. Your mom will get over it. :-) My mom flipped when I got my first tattoo. And my second. And my third. But she would never ask me to cover them because she knows they are an expression of who I am and they are art. I think you should rock the tat and be proud.
  • I agree with showing the tattoo. I have two and I think of them as a part of me. Of course with a huge wedding dress neither one of mine will be visible but if you are happy having it be a part of your entire life then why not have it be a part of your wedding day?
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