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Hey Brides and Bridesmaids!
So I just spent $160.00 on Obagi's!!!!! I've only been using the three step product for a week and my skin has COMPLETELY transformed. My pores are tiny and my blackheads (oh, there were many!) have been zapped into another demension or something?!?! blackheads that i've had for YEARS. GONE. all this in a few days of using the stuff! it's basically proactiv on steroids. you can get it from a physician.
I really don't want my photographer to have to photoshop me into this stuff is definitely worth the investment. I didn't start out with unsightly acne...just blackheads and the odd hormonal break out. everyone should try this stuff. it's wonderful!
has anyone else tried this stuff? i can't wait to see what my skin looks like in a month!


  • Oh my word - I want it. I have my appointment with my derm on Thursday. It took forever and a lifetime to get an appointment and I want CLEAR GREAT SKIN too! Congrats to you, clear skin is a gigantic confidence booster, and I totally agree with you about the photographer thing! Luckily my skin was good for my e-pics, but it flared up right after and I am anxious to have great skin again before my wedding.
  • My derm suggested obagi to me but I can't start until I'm done breastfeeding. I'm really looking forward to it now. Thanks for the review.
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  • Oh im excited!! I've been searching for years for something that works. Sounds like you have the same type of skin as me and hopefully it works just as well for me as it did for you! Best of luck with your wedding and thanks for the tip!!
  • My derm put me on Differin -- supposed to be another version of Retin-a, a different derivative of vitamin a. Obagi is a little too expensive for me... and my skin doesn't react so nice to salycylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.
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