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HELP! Photo related ?

I posted this on my wedding month board also and want to on this one also...I was over on the wedding channel site and was reading an article about how it is alright to go ahead and have pics done together BEFORE the wedding...Well my Mom said it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding but I guess things have changed.  I sat and thought how much precious time would be saved in doing this..Right now, we only have plans for me and my 3 girls to have our pics done out by the gazebo and for the groomsmen to have theirs done after we go in and then after the wedding, when everyone walks into the reception hall (the gazebo is on the property) THAT would be when we ALL have our pics taken..Now I am thinking if we get them done beforehand, we could go straight into the reception instead.  What are your thoughts on this? Anyone doing it?
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Re: HELP! Photo related ?

  • We're doing a "first look" photo and all other photos before the ceremony since we cannot afford a cocktail hour, and it is unfair to guests to make them wait for an hour while we take pictures. Honestly, the whole "bad luck" thing is a little out dated.. 

    If you're dead set on not seeing him before the ceremony but want to save some time, you could also do all of your pictures except for the ones of you together before the ceremony. Orchestrating that would be a little more tricky since you'll be trying to avoid seeing each other. 
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    I did not want to do a first look.  I'm not sure H cared, one way or the other.  My photographer was contracted for 8 hours.  Our timeline when like this:

    2:45 - 2nd shooter dropped off with Groom.  Did all groom family shots and with GMs.  The 2nd shooter when in the limo with the guys to church.  She took more photos at the church and got detail shots of the church too.

    3:00 - main photog arrived at my house and got all bride family shots and with BMs.

    4:15 - main photog went to the church to take more photos with the 2nd shooter.

    5:00 - ceremony

    5:45 - we had no receiving line and went straight outside to have B&G pics done.  After these shots, went back inside church for family photos.

    6:30 - arrived at reception hall to have pictures with entire WP and some more alone as B&G.

    7:45 - H & I hit up the last 15 minutes of cocktail hour.

    Our photog stayed until 11, we made sure that all of the other important things during the reception were done before she left.  Like toasts, the dances, anniversary dance, and cake cutting.

    I hope this helps you!  If you are getting a professional photographer, I'm sure they will help you come up with a timeline that will work well for everyone!
  • Sounds like your present plan of as many photos as possible, without the bride and groom together, before the ceremony, and some combined photos after, is the best (and very common) compromise.

    But you don't have to compromise. All this "luck" stuff with weddings really seems ignorant and superstitious to me. If something awful happens at your wedding or during your marriage, it won't be because of some photos. It will be because these things just happen or someone was careless or malicious.
  • The whole thing about the groom not seeing the bride before the wedding comes from the days when marriages were arranged.  The bad luck is about the groom backing out once he sees the bride.  So no, I wouldn't worry about it.

    We did a first look and did all of our photos pre-ceremony.  It enabled us to be with our guests for the entire reception, which was great.
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    We are doing a first look. I can't imagine not seeing my FI until 7pm on our wedding day. Really? Only 5 hours together?
    It also makes the most sense to take pics beforehand, and then just take a few with extended family afterwards. Then as people are filing into the reception (same site as ceremony) to get drinks and start the buffet, FI and I will go eat in a private room quickly, so that when we are introduced and do our first dance we can go straight into greeting people at their tables. It just makes so much more sense, and we will get the most out of our time. I don't want to spend a fourth of our reception time taking pictures.
  • Like others have said, what you're talking about is called a 'first look.' It's become increasingly popular and A LOT of ladies on here have done it also, including me. You can use the forum search function to look up 'first look' and see how many threads come up similar to this. In the vast majority of the cases, its the best option because it gives you more time to take the pics you want & helps lessen nerves. Don't listen to old fashioned family members. It's not bad luck, it won't ruin your marriage & you won't get divorced because you took pics first. 
  • The whole "bad luck" thing is so dated.  Do YOU believe in that superstition?  If not, go for the first look!

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  • I would honestly love to do the photos before (serious amount of time saved and it would calm my nerves!), but FI doesn't want to see me before that day, so no staying together the night before (we live together, so we'll end up each staying with friends/hotel rooms) and he doesn't want to see a thing from my outfit before the day of. But it's the one thing he's been adamant about so I don't have any problems with it

    So, if you have the opportunity, I'd say go for it, I know I would :-)
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    We're doing a first look for all the reasons you mentioned. Aftr the ceremony we'll do a few quick family shots and be able to attend most of our cocktail hour.
  • Thanks everyone for your input!  I had never heard of first look photos until I started visiting this board.  I really think I am gonna go with it so it will leave us more time with our guests at the reception.  I told my Mom about first look photos, she thinks it would be a good idea also! I admit she is old school, her and my father got married in 83 and things were totally different back then she says lol!
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