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My fiance and I are having a terrible time finding a venue that is within our budget.  We currently have a $8,500 budget to include venue AND catering for 200.  I have a huge family, so cutting the guest list significantly isn't really an option.  Short of a public park, which I am against doing in August heat, I don't know that I can find anything that we can afford.  Does anyone know of an indoor location that looks nice for under $3,000 on a Saturday?  We have been boxed into a corner because 75% of our guest list is coming in from out of town/state and it would be inconsiderate of us to ask that many people to take off time from work to come to our wedding.  

The venue that we like is out of our budget and we are at the point that we aren't booking it because we are trying to cheapen out the caterer just so we can afford it.  Has anyone had any luck negotiating price on venues? 

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    There is a vendor sticky at the top that has alot of suggestions :)

    I'm booked at the YWCA in Fort Worth. I 'm doing a Sunday, but I believe the Saturday rate is $2,400. The do however book up to a year in a half in advance.
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    Have you considered having heavy appetizers rather than a full meal?  This might help.  Also a Sunday brunch could work--people could still come in for the weekend and leave Sunday night.  You could make a whole weekend out of it visiting with them and then have the ceremony and reception on Sunday. 

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    I don't remember how much they said it was, but two girls recently got married at Old Red in Downtown Dallas.  You have to use one of their prefered caterers (I think) but both weddings turned out beautifully.  The Colleyville Community Center is fairly inexpensive and, while I think they have some rules for vendors, you may be able to use whatever caterer you want.  Good luck!
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    I got married at El Dorado Country Club in McKinney and their Saturday night minimum was $8500 with no room charge.   It included a lot too ( basic linens, candle centerpieces if you want them, a coordinator, etc)

    You have to use them as your caterer, and it is fairly pricey but I think you could pare it down enough to stay in your budget..especially since the ballroom itself is free if you meet the min.  The food is really really yummy, too.

    They have packages but are definitely negotiable.  
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    If you love the venue you have found can you shop around for a cheaper caterer?  If you do a Saturday afternoon wedding you can do heavy appetizers maybe.  My caterer was only $12/person for a buffet dinner on a Saturday night.  There are always ways to work with what you want you just have to figure out what is most important to you.  If you love the venue, search for a less expensive caterer.  If you don't care about the venue check out the vendor sticky at the top of the page and start calling for prices!  Also know that photography takes up a big chunk of budget so don't forget to look into that before you book a venue that is close to all of your budget.  HTH and GL!!!
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    Have you looked at Addison Event Center?  They can hold about 300 people, and I know their prices are posted on their website.
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    I have the same problem - I would look into the Addison Event Center, Park City Club (they're a little pricy, but they include everything - even centerpieces if you want them), Party Off the Grid (www.partyoffthegrid.com) - the old power and light substation in dallas, or Eddison's Dallas (a branch of Eddie Dean's ranch).  Hope this helps!
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    Winfrey Point can hold up to 270. It's 100% DIY, but that's how you save the most money if you can swing it.

    White Rock Lake Buildings

    (minimum 4-hour rental per day)

    Winfrey Point
    Resident     Non-resident  Capacity $90/hour   $110/hour        270
    $150/hour   $180/hour        270

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    I 2nd the Addison Event Center. I got married there.. if you need any specific info or want to see pics, let me know.
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    try the atruims at park west http://www.creativecuisinegroup.com/apw.htm if your honest with them about ur budget they will work with you- they also can take out the charge for just renting the venue and just charge for food.
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    Here is the list of affordable places Ive found so far that I have taken a tour at!

    1. Little chapel in the woods

    2. Harmony chapel -

    3. The Carpenters House Plano

    4. Double D Ranch - one of my friends said they are getting married there and that its really affordable! Ive not been here before but its worth checking out

    5. Fairy Tale Manor -

    6. YWCA is beautiful and is DIY -

    7. The HEARD mesueam -
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    You can do it. Definitely look at the places where you can bring in your own caterer - country clubs and hotels were out of my price range for sure. I looked at a bunch of art galleries and restaurants (both for catering and for renting the restaurant out), and found their rates to be really reasonable.

    Also, anything sort of like a "community room" - I think this one in Hurst was my favorite (in pictures - I didn't see it in person). Looks like it fits 200 and only costs $125 to rent! If only our church was closer to Hurst, I totally would've booked this place just to save all that money. http://www.ci.hurst.tx.us/Departments/Recreation/Facilityrentals.htm

    Also, Lockheed Martin Rec Association has rooms they rent out, but I think this one in Hurst is prettier.

    Oh, and I found that a lot of restaurants offered catering for much cheaper than the catering companies I contacted. Good luck!
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    We're getting married at the Double D Ranch (www.ddranchdallas.com). They have a package that costs @ $6000 and includes catering for 200 guests, professional DJ, centerpieces, tables, chairs, tablecloths and security. They've been extremely nice and easy to work with.

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    [QUOTE]I 2nd the Addison Event Center. I got married there.. if you need any specific info or want to see pics, let me know.
    Posted by SoonToBeMrsHoz[/QUOTE]

    I would love to see photos from the Addison Event Center.
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