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Does anyone know where it is appropriate to do a recipe box? I thought it was only at the bridal showers, but I wanted to be sure. I know not everyone does these, but I love to cook and I wanted any unique recipes that others wanted to share.

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    Of all the possible wedding-related parties/celebrations, I'd say that a bridal/wedding shower is the only appropriate place for people to bring you their favourite recipes to make a recipe box.  It would not be appropriate for an engagement party/bachelorette/wedding reception.

    Generally the request or blank recipe card would be included with the invitation so that the guests have time to think of a good one and write it down, and bring it to the shower.

    Keep in mind that you don't throw a shower for yourself - if the people throwing your shower ask for suggestions about what you like you could bring this up as a possibility for the shower theme.
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