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Alternatives to father-daughter dance?

I've done a lot of thinking on this situation of who is going to walk me down the aisle when I get married. My real father hasn't been in my life, although now we are starting to rebuild our father-daughter relationship that we have never had before. I don't entirely feel comfortable with having to have him walk me down the aisle. Please, don't get me wrong that I know we are starting to rebuild a father-daughter relationship but at the same time I don't feel like he should do it. It's just how I feel on the situation. On the other hand my ex-stepfather has been more of a father to me since I was three. Should I chose him to walk me down the aisle instead of my real father?
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Re: Alternatives to father-daughter dance?

  • Agree with PP, what does that have to do with father/daughter dance.  It is up to you to choose who walks you down the aisle...but if you are inviting your real father then I think you should tell him in advance..."btw I am having...insert name her...walk me down the aisle, because....insert explanation here, but I would love if you would be a part of my wedding by (doing a reading during the ceremony, doing the father/daughter dance, making a toast at the reception)?"  If he is making an effort to reconnect then it would be nice of you to highlight him in some manner during the whatever way you feel comfortable.  He doesn't have to walk you down the aisle, but make him feel special too.
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  • Have both like my friend ashley did. It was great and nothing is traditional anymore.

    I am in the same boat. My dad finally called me after 2 years but he hasn't been there for me in the past 6. My mom is walking down with me.

    In regards to the dance, I will probably just skip it if he doesn't show to the wedding. If he comes, I may dance with him but it may feel weird. I haven't completely decided on this yet.

    You could choose a dance with both of them. Ain't nothing wrong with that!
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  • My grandpa is walking me down & i'm having a mother/daughter dance.
    I'm having the people closest to me share those special moments with me.. not my dad, just because most women do. If people don't like it, they can leave. :)
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  • I would say
    1. your step dad
    2. both : /
    3. You By YourSelf

    I know exactly what you mean I have a step dad "dad" didnt take care of me for 18 yrs. i had no idea how he even looked. when i was almost 18 he decided to call me and send me a pc for my birthday and sends me some $ like every other month. I dont think that will make up for all the yrs that i needed him in the otherside. my dad ("stepdad") has always been there for me. so he is totally going to walk with me on that special day. I dont think im going to invite my real dad

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