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Memorial for father and other deceased loved ones

I am trying to decide on something special to do in our wedding ceremony/reception in memory of our lost loved ones. I don't want it to be sad or make us cry, but I do want these people who have already gone on to be a part of our special day. Neither me nor my FI has any living grandparents, I lost my father when i was younger, and my FI lost his best friend. I was thinking of honoring them by writing their names on the programs with a small poem.

But I really wanted something special to honor my father. At my sisters wedding, she had a picture, and memory candle of my father that my mother lit as she came down the aisle to light the unity candle. I want to do something different from hers because i dont want to take away from her wedding and all. Does anyone have a good idea about this?

Re: Memorial for father and other deceased loved ones

  • We are thinking about honoring our loved ones by writing their names in the programs with a poem as well. How about a picture of your Dad and your mom can drop a rose next to his picture as she walks down the aisle? That way its similar but not the same. Also, my brother had a video of him and his bride showing all kinds of pictures from their relationship at the reception and he included a few pictures of my deceased grandmother. It was really nice. Anything you do will be beautiful.
  • We're honoring our deceased parents by making a "In Loving Memory" candle (although I don't know where), and mentioning their names in the program and in the prayer. We're also doing small little things: he's putting his father's picture in his chest pocket and I'm putting a picture of my mother in my bouquet.
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  • We displayed a photo of my parents at the reception, and had an "In Memoriam" note in the program.  Be careful of making a morbid display - it isn't a funeral.
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  • we're having a libation ceremony at the beginning.  we're welcoming the spirits of our ancestors into the space. 
  • im having a sash put on a chair for my dad who passed away almost 9 yrs ago, on the chair will be a photo of him, when i get down to the end of the aise (mother walking me down) im placing a flower from my bouquet onto his seat.  we're also having a moment of silense in memory of those who cannot physically be w/ us.

  • you can have a flower at the alter simbolizing them and ask that it be mentioned, and i think putting their names in the program would be nice. we are going to have a picture and a poem in our prgram. my FI, BM passed away earlier this year, we are also stll keeping his spot open so my MOH is going to walk by herself.
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  • i'm thinking of doing a digital photo frame at the reception since several of our loved ones have passed and have some photos of them scrolling, another idea i saw was a small handmade memorial tree, where photos were hung on the branches of the loved ones....  
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  • We are doing a special Memory Candle where my friend wrote something for the officiants to say as we light it. We are starting the ceremony that way, then light our unity candle to tie in -past,present and our future together. We don't want to cry either, I have nine days before my big day and I can't wait to start off doing something special for my father who also passed away 3years ago. Hope this helps!
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