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Step Mother/Mother/Father...?

Ha just posted a question but while im thinking about it...heres one more.

My FH parents were separated when he was young. His mother is not married, but has been with the same man for a few yrs. His father was re married and has been for about 20 yrs. We get along with all the "parents" and of course they will all be at the wedding. How do you do announcents for the parents of the groom? Would they introduce his actual mother and father together? Or would they say father and step mother of the groom....and then mother of the groom? Or mother first...?? What do ppl think...? I dont want the step mother to feel less important...but his actual mother will be announced also of course. And i believe there is no animocity between the ladies. They can be around eachother and be fine. SO what are your thoughts?

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Re: Step Mother/Mother/Father...?

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    Don't split up couples for the purpose of announcing them. Introduce each parent with their SO. You can introduce the MOG, Mary Smith and John Jones (just use his name, no need to explain the relationship). Then you can introduce FOG and SMOG, James and Katherine Smith. It's nice that everyone gets along, isn't it?
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