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favors or no favors???

I think favors are a great way to say "Thank You" for sharing in our day.  He says no favors is a great way to save some $$. 

I need help with this one girls!

Re: favors or no favors???

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    I think favors are a waste of money.  Most of the weddings we've been to in the last few years haven't had favors, and those that did ended up in the trash or left behind.  We went to a wedding this fall where they gave out printed coozies.  My sister was a BM and the bride gave her a ton of the leftovers.

    We cut favors from our budget and for the extra $3/pp, we were able to upgrade our passed apps.  People went on and on about how great the food was, so I know it was money well spent.  It's not that much money, but it could also be enough to upgrade the bar. 

    If you insist on doing something, do something edible.  People have a use for candy.
  • Everyone on here will tell you they're unnecessary and a waste of money, but I disagree with all them.  I do think they're an extra way to thank your guests.... IF you do it right.  Don't give them a piece of junk they don't want or something your names/date on it.  Something edible is always a big hit.  And it can be affordable.  We did boxes of three truffles each for under 75 cents each.
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  • Although I have a long way to go I am planning on giving the molded crayons (a big hit right now on the DIY site if you haven't seen them). I am an artist, the ceremony/reception will be in an art gallery, and I think it is something that people (esp those with kids) will appreciate and use. It's also extremely cheap.
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    I agree with others who say that favors are great if you do it "right."  My definition of right in this case is not busting your budget on something that will clutter up your guests' homes.  My favors are my biggest DIY project - I'm making traditional paper ornaments.  I hope that people will appreciate them because I put time into it - but not money as each is costing me about 20 cents - and if many get left behind, then I have beautiful paper ornaments for my own Christmas tree!  Which makes me think of a good rule of thumb for favors:
    If it is something that you wouldn't want or know what the heck to do with later, find something else!
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