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Hello when you should do your registry and make it public to everyone.  We are getting married in May 13, 2011

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  • First of all, you don't make your registry public to anyone. Word of mouth always works. People will know what stores to check.

    Well, depending on when your shower(s) might be held, I would say you could register right around Christmas or right after. I think H and I registered in October or November and my bridal shower was in early April. Our wedding was in June. So I would say about 6 months out or so is good.
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    You probably want to start your registries before the holidays.  You probably won't have a shower or anything until the spring, but someone may want to get you registry gifts for holiday gifts.

    You don't make registries public, ever.  If people want to know, they'll ask.  
  • If you are using the checklist on this site, it tells you when you should be setting up your registry and so forth.  It is not proper etiquette to share your registry information, but it's all relative to the type of people you are inviting. Considering you are from DC, I'd guess people should know like someone else said.  In MY case, some of the people we are asking wouldn't even considering buying a gift because it wouldn't cross their mind unless you reminded them.  So I subtly put a message on our website that said something to the affect that Although your presence is all we require, if you choose to honor us with a gift we are registered at the following places:  And I listed them. I've told my bridesmaids of other suggestions to tell people if they are asked as well.
  • I am assuming that when you ask about making your registry public, you are referring to whether or not it appears for someone doing a search for your registry on that company's website (the non-public option means that only you can see your registry).  I recall my C&B registry having some option like that.

    I went ahead and made a registry at one or two places when we announced our engagement although I don't think we've made them publicly viewable yet.  But it gave me and FI a chance to talk about what we'd like to put on the registry, add some things, delete some things, etc. 

    Keep in mind that some stores have products that are ONLY available online or ONLY available in-store.  So you might look for your registry items with that in mind, considering who on your guest list is more likely to go to a store in person and who is more likely to shop online.
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  • Thank you slubkin for understanding what I was saying, I would never go around telling people where we were registry. I just wanted to get  an idea of when people on their own, expect that type of information, my uncle has been asking me with whom we are registried with since like the day after we got engaged.
  • Oh yeah, you can keep them private while creating them.  I made ours months before I made them public so we could pick and choose what we want. Once my bridal shower invites were sent, one of my friends asked me about one of ours because she couldn't find it.  I realized it was still private.  Start doing them now... things will change, you can add, delete and sometimes items you choose will not be available any longer, but it gets you started.
  • If you choose do to them before the holidays, make sure that if you include something that's a "holiday special" item that you remove it after the holidays - if you choose to make it public.  If you are keeping it private, make sure not to include "holiday special' items.  It just gets confusing later when they are no longer available from the store.

    Way to go guys, on jumping on her for possible poor ettiquette.  I also thought she meant keeping the profile private while creating it but you guys lambasted her over something that wasn't true.
  • We actually just registered for our June 2011.  We registered hind of early because my maid of honor wants to have a shower for me in Oct.. 
  • You should make sure you are registered before invites for the wedding shower are sent out.  If you know you'll be busy, you can start the registry now and finish it when it's closer to the time.
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