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bridesmaid question

So I will be having a MOH and 4 bridesmaids, but I have one problem. The girl I chose to be the one bridesmaid, we no longer talk or hang out unless we all get invited to the same party. I cant picture myself going out of my way to talk to her, and she makes no effort either. Plus, to make things worse, she's a size 3 and CONSTANTLY complains about how fat she is and how she is bulging out of her size 3 jeans. Now I know we all have our off days, but she takes it to the next level. And I just dont even want to hear it on my wedding day when she starts complaining about how bad she looks in her dress.So I need to find a way to ask her to not be in my wedding party. I have a younger sister that I shouldve asked in the first place. I just dont kno what to do. I've talk to my fiance and he definitely sees where I'm coming from and agrees with me 100%. And that means a lot considering he's better friends with her than I am. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks.

Re: bridesmaid question

  • You say that your FI has spoken to her about it, & that she still makes excuses. You also said that you have no interest in speaking to her. It soundsa to me like there is NO friendship there already. If you don't consider her to be a friend, let her know BEFORE she buys her dress. Regardless of what you do with "Jane", you should ask the other girl to be there as well - especially if she wants to be there for you. On your big day, you are going to need your support system. You really don't need to be reassuring someone ELSE that they look beautiful. They should be doing that for you. Just please be diplomatic & let her know that you don't want to burden her since she's always too busy to call you/see you/whatever. If you she's as bad as you say she is, she probably didn't really want to do it in the first place.
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