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Pre-wedding night: To see or not to see...

I would love some input on something. What are your feelings on spending the night BEFORE the wedding with your fiance? My mom is totally against it and is giving me the guilt trip. My fiance said he would be upset but get over it if I didn't spend the night with him at the hotel. We've been living together for over a year so it's not anything different in my mind. Yet I feel like I'm in a sticky situation and someone's feelings are going to get hurt. I keep going back and forth. Opinions? Thanks girls!

Re: Pre-wedding night: To see or not to see...

  • My man and I have lived together for over a year and a half, but we are spending that night apart. Not at all because of tradition but because of the anticipation! I'm going to hang out that night with all my girls and then the next day I will be even more excited (if possible!) for us to see each other after spending that night apart, and for that first moment that we see each other to be the moment I am walking down the aisle!Just a thought =)
  • Since my FI and I have been living together for a few years, we plan on spending the night before in our own house. I'm kicking him out the morning of so I can have the house to myself and all my girls haha.
    Most of my family and his family will be staying with other family, or at their own homes, so we would have to rent a hotel room specifically for one of us to stay in. That didn't make any sense to us.
    Two of my BM's have children so I wouldn't expect them to spend the night before with me and leave their children since they won't be around them much the next day.

  • I'd rather spend the night with my girlfriends.  If that doesn’t work out for whatever reason, I’d like to stay at FI’s parents’ house if they don’t already have people staying with them.  I think FI will be sleeping there, but we wouldn’t be in the same room.

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