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My brother's wedding

My brother is getting married far away from our home town and the ceremony will be very small, close family and few friends only.  My boyfriend and I will be attending, but they're not having any attending bridesmaids or groomsmen.  I don't know what type of gift to get them!  They registered for a few things at Target, but as a welcome to my future sister-in-law I'd like to get them something more intimate or personal.  I'm hoping to get some suggestions....any ideas??Much appreciated!! :)

Re: My brother's wedding

  • In all honesty - just splurge on their registry.  We don't know them/her and don't know their tastes. I have an older sister who refuses to use registries and thinks giving a couple a nice pic frame is an original thought.  I work with a girl that got 19 of those at her wedding. Splurge on the registry or if possible, give them a weekend away somewhere.  Your heart is in the right place, but we don't know their personal taste.
  • Yes, I second this.  Use the registry, this is what they selected and what they want.  My older sister and my MIL always say that they want to get something "special" and "not on the registry" and "something that they don't need and don't even know that they want!"  So, as a woman starting out (my first marriage), I had hardly anything, but my sister bought me a crystal punch bowl.  It's beautiful, but I've owned it since 1985 and I've used it once.  For a Halloween party.  For my second wedding, last year, I registered.  But instead she got me a crystal vase which is not my style AT ALL.  And there were so many other things I could have used, that would have been less money or about the same.  ARGH!  MIL wanted to get my daughter something similar (some decorative bowl or something) but I finally talked her into getting dishes, which is what the kids need.  They don't need a decorative bowl.  Sorry, vent over. 
    image Don't mess with the old dogs; age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill! BS and brilliance only come with age and experience.
  • Well are their any items or things that are a family tradition? honestly if you can not think of anything that is clearly something that they would love and adore then buy off the registry as you otherwise risk a white elaphant gift
  • I would go with the registry if it were me. Unless you can think of something totally fun that they would LOVE!! My FIL's got us 4 tickets to an improv comedy show for our jack and jill shower, since we have a kid and never have the money for fun "date nights" we generally just rent a movie. That was AWESOME! Or a couples spa package, Fi kept saying oh, that's not gonna be fun but when it came down to it... He LOVED every second of it! It just depends on the people and what they enjoy. Good Luck!
  • My brother is getting married in December, after he returns from Iraq. I am, with the help of my parents, going to spurge on a cruise for the 2 of them. He thinks they cannot afford a honeymoon and wants to wait 4 months. I found cruises for as low as $250 a person for 4 nights to the Bahamas.
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