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Parent Gift Ideas?

My FI and I would like to give our parents a meaningful gift on the day of our wedding. We're having a really hard time thinking of what that would be. Are any of you giving your parents gifts? And if so, what are you getting them? I'm at a total loss. We have my two parents to buy for and my FI's mother.

Re: Parent Gift Ideas?

  • Well, I am planning on doing an engraved silver frame for each set of parents for them to put a wedding photo in when we get those back. I am engraving the wedding date on the frame. It is personalized and meaningful, but also not too extravagant.
  • Our centerpieces are all different.  Two of them are very nice Lenox vases that we will present to the MOB and MOG after the wedding with a bouquet of flowers and a framed wedding photo.
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