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MOH Help!

I have 3 Best friends. One I've known almost all my live and the other two are recent best friends. I would like to know if you can have more than one MOH or if there is another special thing that they can be called? I know that they will all be in my bridal party either as a MOH or a bridesmaid but I want them all to know they are very special to me. HELP!

Re: MOH Help!

  • there are no set rules regarding bridal party - it's your wedding you chose who you want.  I for example am only having two bridesmaids and am not opting for any maid of honors.  You could opt for all of them to be maids of honor if you would like and then have no one with the title bridesmaid.  It's really how you prefer it - and honestly I've never really understood the big difference between MOH & BM - are you saying "hey, I like you more" to one and not the other, probably not - and if they see it that way then that says something about them.
  • Traditionally, the MOH was a sister or close relative like a cousin.  OF course, many times they are best friends.  In your situation, I would consider the one you have known the longest your MOH and the other 2 BMS or have no MOH and 3 BMs.  However, you can assign each girl a different special task.  For example, one is in charge of the bridal shower planning while another is in charge of the bachelorette party.
  • I don't post on this board much, but i woudl agree with PP, it's your wedding so you can make the rules. I would maybe wait until you're a little closer to the day.  Maybe ask them all to be in the wedding (if that's what you would like) and designate a MOH at a later date.  I only suggest this b/c I asked my girls too early and now regret one of them.  She (being the BM I regret) almost pressured me into making her a MOH.  So just something to think about :)
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