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champagne alternatives?

I don't drink alcohol (in fact, by my wedding i won't even be 21), and i cannot drink carbonated beverages. What would be a good alternative to champagne that's not bubbly, but not kool aid?

Re: champagne alternatives?

  • strawberry or rasberry lemonade.... or arnold palmers.... you could do something fancy like cucumber limeade (just made that up, I don't know) or something with a color to match your color scheme.
  • i like that lemonade idea. Does everyone have the same drinks or is it just the bride/groom who need it? maybe mine can only be different D: but i would feel kiddy. You made a good suggestion on a seasonal drink, we're going for an autumn wedding, so i'll look for maybe something peach, pomegranate, maybe apple. thank you!
  • To do something that looks like champagne you can use peach bellinis or white grape juice.  I personally don't like plain white grape juice but the peach white grape juice is actually pretty good.  We will have traditional champagne and then one of the above-mentioned non-alcoholic versions for those that don't drink alcohol (most of my FI's family) or aren't old enough too.
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