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Creative Ideas to do in place of sand/unity candle!

I really don't like the idea of having a unity candle because my ceremony will be outside.  And I just don't like the sand idea (my friend used that in hers and her hubby spilled the sand everywhere).  I really want to keep the ceremony sweet and to the point, just vows and a reading, but I do want to have some sort of unity event for the two families coming together.  Any ideas?

Re: Creative Ideas to do in place of sand/unity candle!

  • The is also a wine ceremony like this: Version 1: Couple toasts at ceremonyWritten by Rev Kris and her sister Denise MichaelsenToasts have long been customary as ways in which to congratulate newlyweds. Today (Bride) and (Groom) will celebrate their union in a toast to each other as the conclusion of a Unity Wine Ceremony. A unity ceremony is a symbolic, visual representation of the joining of the couple into marriage. (Bride) and (Groom) in this ceremony, the red wine represents the deep richness of the love in your hearts and the robust energy which keeps your loving relationship going. The white wine, fermented in oak barrels, represents the strength of a loving marriage and a lingering taste in your soul for the love you feel for each other.Combining the two, creating a rose, is symbolic of your marriage. May your robust energy, strength, and rich love for each other be with you always. You may kiss and then toast, stating “to my husband/wife
  • Depending on how religious you are, you can do the "cord of three strands" ceremony. That is what I am doing. you can find the details on If not, you can do the whole little flower pot/tree idea where people in your family bring dirt from their place and put it in the little pot...
  • My other half and I are going to exchange lei's as part of our ceremony.  Why not include the entire family in the same way.
  • there is candle wax the is granular kind like sand that u could use as sand and then after the ceremony melt the top with a mini blow torche or something. i've seen it at michael's and hobby lobby.
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