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Black Shoes

Would it be such a bad thing to wear black shoes for my wedding? I saw these beautiful Jimmy Choo's that I love but I don't want to buy them in ivory because I know I will never wear them again! So I don't want to spend the money for just one night. The shoes do come in black and they are just as beautiful. Also, my wedding colors are black and white so they will definitely go with the theme of the wedding. I don't know what to do!Here is a picture of the shoes.

Re: Black Shoes

  • I don't think so. The shoes are really cute. I would say go for it. Afterall many brides are not wearing the traditional white shoes anymore
  • My daughter is wearing black shoes, and a black and white fascinator with her short "wiggle dress" wedding dress. It looks awesome (of course, being 23, a size 4, and blonde doesn't hurt) fortunately, she looks nothing like me.  :-) 
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  • Woah that's a high heel! Will you be ok wearing that high a heel for so long?If yes, then go for them. They are beautiful. Also, it will be cool that any other time you wear them you are wearing a bit of your wedding day outfit.
  • Thank you guys for all the responses. :) I will now for sure wear the black shoes. And yes, they are a high heel, but I wear heels on a daily basis so I will be pretty good and most likely take them off for the reception. :)Thank you for all your help!Martha
  • Love the shoes.  My colors are black and white too - so I'm also going to wear black shoes.  I just noticed though that you mentioned taking them off for the reception...the heel height on those will alter the way your dress looks when you take them off - you'll be dragging  alot of hem during the reception.  Just something to think about.
  • Wow Aimee, I totally didn't even think about that! I'm so glad you did. I guess I will have to leave them on for most of the night and just sit here and there. :)
  • definately do it! it's your day, and you should do what makes you happy. my shoes are fuschia, much to the dismay of my MIL lol
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