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Aisle Runners

Are they really neccessary or is it more for show?

Re: Aisle Runners

  • I say more for show... I'm probably going to get one... to add flavor to my decorations... or attitude... I think it's sharp looking if you get one that works with your color scheme but can also look tacky!
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  • They're just to look pretty or decorate the aisle.  I wouldn't say there is any real or necessary purpose for them.  We had one because we got married on a concrete terrace and the aisle just really needed something.  I painted it with our monogram.  Pics in married bio.
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  • they aren't necessary and I would stay away from them. They are known to be slip hazards. You will already be worrying about tripping down the aisle, don't add to the possibility.
  • It depends on where you're getting married - I hadn't planned to use one.  But we're getting married in a historic church and the carpet down the aisle is very grubby looking - so I want to cover it up. :)
  • I'm using one, but I'm getting married outside :)
  • my walk is so winedy that there is no such runner that wood work. It is an outside ceremony where I will be walking down and then up steps. I really think the runner is over rated. It can look so cheap sometimes and it always gets wrinkly.
  • I'm thinking about having one but everyone I mention it to has either never heard of it, heard of it but has never seen it at a wedding or simply reply "why are you having that?"  One reason I want it is because we're not decorating the church very much for the wedding so it would be something simple to add a little decoration. 
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