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Vegas wedding

Silly question, but we will be having a vegas wedding next may. Low key at the /mgm grand, and we are considering having our reception at the mgm grand buffet. Is something like a garter needed....since we won't have anything like a dance floor or private party....or that type of thing?
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Re: Vegas wedding

  • Not a silly question at all :)My answer is that it's totally up to you! Would you miss it if you didn't have one? Or is it just one more thing you have to buy because you feel you are "supposed to have one?"Have a blast at your Vegas wedding!
  • Are you asking if you need it to toss it? It's not a private party, so I guess what you have to ask, is if you want people you don't know participating. People in Vegas are there to have a good time and would love to use your wedding as an excuse! If you want Joe Blow vying for your garter and wearingit around his head all night then go for it! Have fun and let people buy you drinks. If you aren't planning on tossing it to the public, I don't think it's necessary. I got one as a gift, but I'm not sure yet if I'll wear it.
  • I live in LA. I thought about a Vegas wedding (at Paris) but fiance was against it. Have fun! I'm sure it will be a blast. I love going to Vegas and seeing women in wedding dresses walking around the hotels.
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