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I hope this is the right place for this...I apologize if it's not.I just recently found out that my mom still has the pearls she wore on her wedding day (I can remember seeing them in pictures), AND that my grandma also wore them on her wedding day (which I had no idea was the case)!Normally, pearls aren't really my style, but the sentimental value of these is WAYY too much to pass up, so now I'm really excited to wear them on my day!!!I just wanted to share with other brides...since my random single friends don't seem to care.  :)

Re: Pearls

  • Wow, that's really sweet.  And what a wonderful tradition to continue in your family. One thing I'd do is check the necklace for wear and get them restrung, if necessary, so it stays on securely.
  • That's so wonderful! I'm slightly jealous. I'm planning to borrow my mother's string of pearls as my 'something old' but she did not wear them at her wedding and they certainly didn't come from my grandmother. I wish my family had an heirloom like that!
  • I didn't think I would care about the whole "Something old, something new..." thing until I realized that I'll have the pearls and I plan on wearing blue shoes under my gown (my colors are blue and yellow).  I've already got it half done without trying, I may as well finish it out....can't hurt anything.  :)
  • My "something borrowed" is a set of diamond jewelry from my mom: earrings, necklace, and bracelet.  And they were also borrowed in 3 other weddings in my family.  Although I was more a pearl girl for the wedding attire, I won't pass up the tradition either.  (good for you!)
  • FI's Grandpa said he'd give me FI's Grandmother (who passed away)'s pearls. I am in the same boat, not totally my style or go with my dress, but I am so honored and excited to wear them! I know it will mean a lot to FI too. I wish I could wear something my mom wore... but, uh, *picturing myself in giant floppy white lace hat* no thanks, lol
  • blynn, that's such wonderful history to incorporate into your own wedding day story! Nothing is more beautiful and classic than pearls* :)*Of course I might be slightly biased since my birthstone is pearl and I may or may not be obsessed with them ;)
  • birthstone is pearl, too! 
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