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courthouse wedding

Hi everyone. I don't know if I'm on the right board, but we're getting married in Cancun next year. We want to have the ceremony there, but the legalities are crazy! Getting married in the states first seems easier. Is there a way to just sign the paperwork without saying vows so that the ceremony in Mexico feels like the first one? Thanks :)

Re: courthouse wedding

  • I know that my FBIL & FSIL got married in Mexico last month, due to their home state not recognizing marriages from Mexico they had to get married at home before getting married abroad.  I believe if you go to the courthouse you will sign the marriage license and have to say basic vows.  Your best bet would be to call your local courthouse and just ask them what is the minimum that would have to be done.  Then you could make your ceremony in Cancun more detailed and wordy.
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