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Limo Necessary?

So I was thinking of just ditching the limo's all together. Is that cheasy or cheap of me? My fiancee and I are sponsoring our own wedding and buying a home at the same time. I am trying to save wherever I can. I figured the guys could drive themselves there with the girls. My father in law has a beautiful car and offered to drive my maid of honor and I. What do you brides think? Am I taking frugal bride too far?

Re: Limo Necessary?

  • Not at all. Everyone can drive themselves and carpool if it isn't in the budget.
  • A limo is totally not necessary and I doubt any of your guests would even notice or care that you didn't have one.
  • I think it is sensable
  • Sounds fine to me. Is the reception at a different site than the ceremony? I think that's what you are saying, right? That you need transportation to dinner, basically? As long as the guests and WP are driving themselves to the wedding, they can get themselves to the reception, as long as you have the address written for them, and maybe directions. If the car is nice (and frankly, I'd be fine riding in a mustang or a porsche), do it!I'm trying to find ceremony and reception sites together so I don't need to worry about limos or getting shuttles for my out-of-town guests... but now I'm questioning if I even need to.
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  • Our wedding and reception are all at the same site. So the transportation is really just from my home to the catering hall.
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