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Ok, so we're getting ready to order our invitations and I'm having some problem with the wording. On most invitations it says " so and so invite you to the wedding of their daughter so and so..etc.." Well the problem we're having is that both of our parents are divorced and re-married. How do i word that? Do I put my dad, step-mom, and mom? my dad and step-mom are the ones that are paying for most of the wedding, although my mom is helping out with a few things like the flowers. It's a tough situation. Help me out please!!!
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Re: Invitation

  • You can do Mr. Stepdad and Mrs. Mom and Mr. Dad and Mrs. Stepmom Or just save yourself the trouble and say Together with their parents
  • Ok so are you guys including his parents on the invi as well? or is it just your parents and step parents?
  • This is wat I would do...I hope I understood the situation properly. Since your dad & stepmom are paying for most put them first and then mom and step dad 2nd so...Mr. & Mrs. <insert Dad's name here> & Mr. & Mrs. <insert stepdad's name here>Request the pleasure of your companyAt the wedding of their daughterMyowsurrenderToMyowsureender FIson of Mr. & Mrs. <insert his Dad's name here> & Mr. & Mrs. <insert his stepdad's name here>....ORyou can do it without the son of partHope this helps!!!
  • Thank you thank you ladies!!! That helps out a bunch!
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