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PROBLEM. Where do I put him??

Okay I have a best friend who is of course a guy. I really really want him in the wedding but idk where to put him. I was goin to put him at my side instead of a MOH but i found a MOH and my fiance doesn't really know him all that well sooooo what do I do with him??

Re: PROBLEM. Where do I put him??

  • Have him be a bridesman! I've seen it done before and it doesn't look awkward at all. Weddings nowadays are so unconventional that they can be however YOU want them to be. (sorry if they pics are GIANT): [img][/img][img][/img]
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  • Put him on your side. Is your fiance having any attendants? Are you concerned about the sides being equal? He can wear a suit with a colored cummerbund or vest to match your MOH, like a groomsman, but stand with you. If you each only want one attendant, have him take care of the guest book, do a reading, hey maybe even have him get ordained so he can perform the ceremony. Or ask if he'd like to do a toast at the reception.
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  • Were not sure on the number of attendants were both having. I really don't care all that much about it being symetrical but I do really like the idea of just putting him on my side in the color of my bms dresses. I dunno still not sure what to do....
  • How did you "find" a MOH?  Were you window shopping and happened to see a sale?  He can be on your side.  My best guy friend is.  He's wearing a tie in the same color as the girl's dresses.  It's perfectly acceptable. 
  • You can have a MaidOH and a ManOH, or he can be a bridesman with the bridesmaids. Don't worry about equal sides.
  • Your bridesman doesn't have to wear the same color as the bridesmaids, just because he's standing on your side.  Personally, I think that would look silly.  I'd rather see him coordinate with the other men in the WP.I have a friend who had her brother as her honor attendant, and he had his sister as his.  She wore the same dress as the bridesmaids, and he wore the same tux as the GM.  It looked nice.And ditto the question about "finding" a MOH?  What does that mean? 
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  • my best male friend is just standing with the groomsmen... he is definitely mostly my friend but we are already 7 BM 5 GM so it makes it more even and I don't see why it matters where anyone stands... do what you want! :)
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  • Have him as a bridesman My twin was my moh my best friend was a bridesman ( he wore a black tux like the groomsmen with a blue vest since my ladies were all in blue
  • Ditto the finding a MOH. I have been to 3 weddings with bridesmen, I loved it. They wore the same thing as the groomsmen. However you could have him a tie the same color as the BM dresses as well.
  • By finding a MOH I meant that I chose someone. And thank you guys for all your advice. I didn't realize that having a male on the brides side was so common now.
  • He can be a "bridesmaid" and stand on your side. Or, if you want tradition, just have him stand with the guys. It's only for a little bit and then he can mingle with you all night.
  • I have a really great guy friend and my FI has a really great girl friend. So they are going to be on our sides. My guy friend, is going to be next to my sister who is my MOH, and will participate in the ceremony. He will be signing the marriage license and my sister will be doing the other duties, vice versa for my FI. You can do whatever you want, its your wedding!
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