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groomswoman attire

I have about 10 months til my wedding but my fiance has asked his sister to stand on his side as a groomswoman....she asked me what she should wear. He is clueless about it. I think she wants to know so she can save up for a dress if it's something we pick out.I was thinking just a black dress in any style to match the black tuxes or the bridesmaid dress in black (instead of the green the bridesmaids will be wearing), both with a colorful bouquet or corsage. What do you think? or what have you done?
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Re: groomswoman attire

  • When I was a groomsmaid I wore a long black dress with a pin on corsage. ( a bouquet woudl look odd in my opinion standing on the grooms side) Our Groomsmaid wore a black and white dress from white house black market that was knee length like the other ladies but I did not want an all black dress as my family still is into that wearing all black is a sign of disapproval thing that is a bit old fashioned.
  • You can do whatever. She can wear the same as the BMs, she can wear a different style of the same color, she can wear a black dress, she can wear your accent color, pretty much anything. My personal favorite is to have her wear a black dress of her choosing with a sash that matches the GMs ties/vests.
  • There really are no rules about this.  I've seen groomswomen wear the same dress as the BMs, the same color but a different dress, or a dress in the color of the tuxes.Why not ask her what she likes/feels comfortable with?
  • Thanks for the suggestions. She is a lot older than my fiance and I and said she would feel silly in the bridesmaid dress. I am not too picky about it, so we're thinking a black or black and white dress of her choosing with a colorful corsage to match the boutonnieres. 
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  • Hi! i have been a grooms wo man never a brides maid. But all the guys wore a really nice black suit and light blue tie, i wore a striped long dress with a light blue bow tie like a chocker. The dress was striped black and light blue, very nice. and my hair up was up with a light blue flower. Thats one idea, but usually the grooms woman wears the same color as the gooms men but in a very nice long dress. She should stand out a little but people should know shes on the grooms side. Hope this helps
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  • Im glad you asked this, because my fiance's best friend will be standing up with him and I dodnt know what to tell her. To tell the absolute turth, she has way better style sense than I do, so I trust her to come up with something good. i hope she consults me though, because I don't want her outfit to outshine my sisters (BMs). I'd like her to wear something similar to them, but whatever. Its more important that she is there and wearing SOMETHING..
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  • My best friend is a guy and he is standing up on my side.  He is going to were a tux just like the rest of the guys.  I think it's important to have the people you love the most standing up for you, but you don't want them to feel uncomfortable in what they are wearing.  If she is comfortable in a dress put her in a dress.  It doesn't matter what they are wearing just that they are there standing up for you on you day.
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    My Groom has 3 groomswomen.  My colors are butter yellow and purple.  My maids are in butter yellow and the grooms maids are in purple,  both will have yellow, purple, lavendar flowers and the 2 flowergirls are in lavendar.  Depending ont he final dresses, if the dress (all the same style) has an accent color option the accent color will be lavendar on the butter yellow and the purple.  It really pulls it together.  Get creative and have fun.
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