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Bridal Shower Question

Is the Bridal shower just for the women or can everyone be invited? someone help please!!

Re: Bridal Shower Question

  • A bridal shower is no more than a party for the purpose of "showering" the bride-to-be with gifts.  I've been to showers that are just women, and I've been to showers that co-ed.Do whatever you're comfortable with.
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  • The shower should be the bride's closest friends and family. Co-ed showers are becoming more common and can be great if done right.
  • I've always heard that when it is women only it is a bridal shower. When both men and women are in attendance then it is a wedding shower. I know that's just semantics, but maybe it will help a little.
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  • It depends what the hostess wants it can be women only or coed. If coed make sure the groom wants to attend as most men run away from the word shower as it they were being chased by wolves.
  • Thank you for filling me in!
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