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What is the traditional way of stuffing invitations?  I have a smaller budget so I designed the invitations myself and I will be having a printing company print them.  Right now I am looking at invitations w/ envelopes, rsvp cards w/ envelopes, and a 3.5x5.5 card with travel information, hotel information, and our bridal website address.  First is it ok to send the travel card with the invitations? Second, I don't have an outer and inner envelope (to save money).  Is this ok? In what order of these items do I stuff the envelope?

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    Its ok if you don't have an inner envelope.  Take the 3x5 card and lay it on top of the RSVP card then place those on top of your invitation then take and place the whole thing under the flap on the RSVP envelope and slide it into the main envelope.
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