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gift for soon-to-be hubby

I'm getting married Jan. 10, 2010 and I'm looking for gift ideas for my husband to-be on our wedding night.  Please help...

Re: gift for soon-to-be hubby

  • we can't really help without knowing your FI. you know him best. what are your FI's likes? hobbies? anything that you heard him say, "if I only had this..." favorite sport? players? is he very attached to his alma mater? is he a technology geek? does he like a specific kind of alcohol? help us help you.

    for instance: my FI loves baseball, and specifically, he loves Willie Mays who played for the New York Giants (before they moved to San Francisco). there is a photo of Mays making this really spectacular catch at a game back in 1950-something. I'm getting an 8x10 copy of this photo autographed by Mays, and framing it.

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  • I agree, you really need to dig deep and think of something FUN that he'd love.  You know him better than anybody, you can think of something! I would suggest though that you don't get him something he needs, get him something that he would LOVE to have, but would never buy for himself!  This is too special an occasion to just get any old gift.  For example, my future hubby loves expensive sneakers, but never can justify spending the money of them for himself.  I am thinking about having a pair of Nike's created with his name and favorite colors on them.  He would die of excitement!

    Think of things that really get him excited, and then RUN with it! You can do this, just think out of the box!
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