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What's in a name?


Re: What's in a name?

  • I've hated my maiden name since I was in elementary school, so I always knew I'd change it.  
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    I have no plans to change my last name. I don't really feel like I need a reason to keep it, and I also don't really feel like people who change their last names really have to have a reason to change either.

    My partner and I both want to keep our own names and don't have an opinion on the other one changing theirs. We do, however, want to have the same last name as our future children, without hyphenating, so we'll fight over that when we need to.

    I look forward to correcting EVERYONE who calls me Mrs. Hislast. Totally a hill I'm willing to die on.
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  • I will be taking his last name. For some reason, it's important to me that we all have the same last name as a family unit (once we have kids).

    Ugh, this will be my 3rd time changing my name - I changed it when I got married the 1st time, then changed it back when I got divorced. I'm looking forward to taking his name and then having to change it again!

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  •  I don't really want to change mine and need to approach fiance about it again. 


    its your decision and yours alone.  no need to approach your fiance or ask him if its ok.  you simply tell him (and others) that you are keeping your name and just go with it.

    i kept mine, no regrets.

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