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Does color and season really matter?

My fiance and I want to get married in October, and we want our colors to be an eggplant sort of dark purple with bright green accent colors. Is that good for that season? And if not, does it really matter?

Re: Does color and season really matter?

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    I think eggplant with green accents would look great in the fall.  I'm partial to eggplant since that is my color (for a December wedding). 

    In general, I think the season matters somewhat in picking colors.  For instance, I probably wouldn't pick pastel pink or blue for a winter wedding.  But I think most color combinations can work most times of the year.
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    I love eggplant and green together. I'd much rather see that then the typical orange and brown you see at a lot of fall weddings. Good friends of ours got married this past October and they had bright pink and dark blue for their colors and it looked great!
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    Nope, not one bit
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    I think it sounds wonderful!
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    I wouldn't think any color odd or "off season" when it comes to a wedding (or anything else for that mater) I love the color combination and think it will look great any time of the year.
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    Those are the colors I plan on using, so I think it will look great. No matter what the season is.
    Then, I personally don't think that the season and colors need to 'match.'

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    I accidently voted 'yes' because I was thinking "do these colors go together".

    Anyways, yes they do.  Second, season and color doesn't matter.  You can have whatever colors you want, but I do think the ones you've chosen would be 'fall' colors anyways.
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    I think those colors would be very pretty for the fall. There is no need to match colors to the season or anything like that. If you and your FI like the colors, that is all that matters, it doesn't matter what time of year you get married.
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    I think eggplant and green go very well together.

    In general, no, season doesn't matter for picking colours.  But I would think that an orange/red/brown/leaf/pinecone/pumpkin theme is strange in April, and a white/silver/snowflake theme would be strange in June.  But those themes are extending beyond simply colour into other more seasonable objects.
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    Your wedding and your day. You can do hot pink and polks dots if you want! All about you and your soon to be husband.
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    I think it is fine as long as there is way more eggplant then the bright green. If it were the opposite I would say no.
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