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Sad news... XP from TN

Hey ladies, Ive been coming up with, struggling and question if and how I do this, but I need to talk, and I need to get it off my chest and un-tell I guess.  We had our second baby appt yesterday. At the first, we measured at 8 weeks, saw the heartbeat and everything looked perfect. Well, yesterday we had trouble finding the heartbeat, so we had a sonogram. The sonogram confirmed the baby did not have a heartbeat and stopped growing shortly after our first appt. I am devastated. Exactly what I was so worried about, the worst case scenario... It happened. I deleted my FB for a little while, because the idea of un telling everyone on there, and seeing the baby announcements make me want to throw up.  We are scheduling the D&C for early next week... So I will probably be MIA for a while. Thank you for support ladies.

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