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Daddy/Daughter Dance

I'm having issues deciding on the dance to have with my Dad. He's a musician, so I grew up listening to everything and there are so many songs that I hear and think "oh, that's sweet..." or "he'd like that" and so on. I know it's SUPPOSED to be an emotional song like Dance with my Father or I Loved her First and the like, but there's one song I keep coming back to that isn't anything like that, but has the ability to bring chills to both myself and my Dad. It's Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley. I think it would throw FI's family totally off, but I'm pretty sure most of my family would get it, since it was always kind of our "Family Song". What do you all think? Should I go with my gut (and my chills) or should I opt for the slower, more traditional type dance?

Re: Daddy/Daughter Dance

  • go with what you and your dad like...that's the whole point anyway.
  • Yeah ask your dad what he thinks. My friend thought about using My Girl by the Tempations because her dad loves Temptations/Motown. Her parens saw a lot of Motown concerts in their youth, so she thought it would be something he'd like. She asked him at Thanksgiving what he thought about that choice and he told her he'd actually put a lot of thought into it and would like to dance to "Tupelo Honey." She was surprised and really touched that he'd actually thought about it on his own. So ask your dad--maybe he has a song in mind. And if not, if you both like Buffalo Soldier, then go for it!
  • Ask your dad if he'd like it, or if he has any preferences. Don't worry what your FI's family thinks, because this song is for you and your dad.

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  • go with your gut. this dance is about you and your dad, no one else.

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