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chuppah variation?

My fiance and I are from two different religious backgrounds. We are most likely doing an interfaith ceremony. The ceremony will take place in front of a large, old, beautiful tree. I loved this because I had seen inspiration pictures where people hung lanterns of lights in mason jars from the tree and got married under it. I'm supposing this would not be enough to constitute any sort of a modern chuppah. I know its supposed to represent the home that the couple will build together. The tree is strong and sturdy, would it be possible to drape fabric amidst the lanterns accross two branches and not do the 4 poles? I really want to incorporate this into my ceremony decore for my fiance without sacrificing too much of my vision either. And I think he cares less than I do. lol

Re: chuppah variation?

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    Is it possible to hang a cloth from a tree so that it is about parallel to the ground? yes. Will people think chuppah when they see it? probably. Is such a chuppah? No.

    Because the chuppah constitutes the groom's temporary home, Jewish tradition/rabbinic law requires it have the poles. The poles, not just the cloth, make it a structure/home.

    oops. I might be very wrong. Try this:
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    hmm thanks. I read the article and it still leaves me somewhat confused. I think that it still doesn't constitute as a chuppah. It states it can be just the cloth so long as your within the walls of the synagoge. But we will be outside by a tree. I guess the best way to get clarification is going to be asking his rabi. Thanks for the input though!
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