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New to Customs and Traditions?

Planning a wedding can be simultaneously the best and most confusing process for brides and grooms.  The Knot community is a great resource for planning, idea vetting, learning and asking about wedding customs and traditions.

This is a supportive group of brides who are mindful that this is an international forum where brides (and possibly grooms) from all over the world will post with questions and answers.  It is helpful to keep the perspective that while, a tradition or custom, such as a "Jack and Jill" party or a "dollar dance", aren't done "in your circle", there are plenty of areas in which those traditions are popular and accepted as the norm.

If you have a vendor specific question, it is best to post on your local board.  If an issue arise, please feel free to PM me.

I look forward to moderating the board and I'm excited to learn as well!

Happy Planning!
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