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First look ideas

My fiancé and I are going to see each other before the ceremony and we are looking for fun ideas.... We would like to include our wedding party and parents.
I look forward to hearing from folks and thank you for your time :-)

Re: First look ideas

  • I don't know how "fun" you want it to be but I've only seen a first look done once and it was beautiful.

    It was filmed by the videographer and thats how I saw it. It was in the empty church (I'm assuming about an hour before the ceremony?) the groom was standing at the altar alone facing forward and the bride walked down the aisle and put her hand on his shoulder and turned him to face her. He started to cry and hugged her. The film had no sound, just music so I couldn't hear what they were saying to eachother but that just added to the beauty. I want to cry just thinking about it!

    This doesn't sound like what you are looking for but I loved it.
  • If you want to include parents and wedding party, how about something like having a line of pairs stood between you and FI and each pair steps to the side as you or your FI walk closer and then youre revealed to each other? 
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