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How to combine Korean and Bolivian/Mexican traditions

My fiance's family is from Korea and my family is from Bolivia. I am having a problem planning the reception. My family traditions involve dancing (Spanish music) and drinking liquor from Bolivia. My fiance's family is more conservative and they don't really drink. Does anyone have any ideas on how to incorporate both cultures during the reception?

Re: How to combine Korean and Bolivian/Mexican traditions

  • Wow!  That is quite a mix :)  We had a bi-cultural wedding - Mexican and American.  My family's from the States, and his is from Mexico (100% Mexican, not Mexican-American).  

    About 40 of his friends and family flew up from Mexico for our wedding, so we really wanted to honor their culture and traditions...  Here are some of the ways we meshed both cultures:

    - Bilingual ceremony and programs
    - Hispanic choir during mass
    - American jazz band
    - Latin DJ
    - Mariachi group

    There's a highlights video in my bio that sums this all up.  Looks like you have a challenge ahead of you, but it will be worth it in the end.  Good luck ;)

  • Wow...I live in Korea and am very surprised that your fiance's family don't drink!
    One way you might be able to loosen them up is to provide some Korean liquor for them. Often older women will enjoy the rice wine (baekseju), and the older men should be pretty happy with soju, or makoli. They would probably be pretty impressd that you went out of your way to provide something for them. You could also get some traditional Korean songs in amongst your Spanish ones.
  • I agree with PP.  I've also spent time in Asia (China, Japan, and Korea) and drinking seemed to be an important part of the culture.  You said that don't drink VERY MUCH...   Perhaps they just don't drink on a regular basis, but you'll be surprised at how much infrequent drinkers do drink at a wedding.  It's a celebration, after all ;)
  • I agree completely with ExpatPumpkin! I would just find a way to mesh the two cultures together. It's hard... but definitely doable. (FI is Puerto Rican and I'm Chinese/Cambodian/Vietnamese/& etc)

    And about the drinking... FI and I don't drink (we don't like the taste), but if there's a cause for celebration, I can kind of coax him into it!
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  • Thanks for the helpful suggestions. The reception is going to be next to the church immediately after the ceremony (~700 people).  Since there are mainly Korean church people going to the wedding, I don't think they drink very much. I am also not sure if liquor can be served at the church venue. I will probably play Spanish and Korean music at the reception and have an afterparty with liquor (and soju).
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