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Bachelorette Party: Wild or Tame?

My 2 younger sisters keep telling me they want to throw me a crazy party & have a wild night somehow involving drag queens. Lol. I told them I would prefer a spa day. I guess I am just old & boring. Lol. What is everyone else doing?? :)

Re: Bachelorette Party: Wild or Tame?

  • I'm 23, and I would like a spa day too. It's out of character for me to have a wild bachlorette party.

    On the other hand, if I weren't so shy and awkward, I would love a wild night.
  • I think the most important aspect of my "bachelorette party" is I'm inviting my father. That tells you right there how different it will be.

    I'm going camping for a weekend with my immediate family, no future husband. A last time of just the five of us. It will be a couple months before the wedding.
  • One thing I can't stand about b-parties is how the person hosting it always makes it about themselves.  For example, BIL wanted to go to a strip club for DH's B-party, DH told him no...BIL was going to do it anyways because HE needed a night out...anywho his wife found out about it and talked some sense into him.

    My MOH wanted strippers for my b-party but I requested no strippers and no penis stuff.

    We went to a restaurant then to my MOHs house afterwards. 

    My MOH did a HORRIBLE job at the b-party.  First she wanted me to invite everybody because she was too shy so it essentially looked like I was throwing my own party, then I had to pay for my own dinner, during which my MOH ordered my a huge margarita that I didn't drink because I was driving AND put it on MY tab (yes I enjoyed paying for a huge $8 margarita that I took 4 sips of), when we got to her house it looked great and there was a lot of goodies out however there were no games so everybody just kind of stared at each other...she played "Bridesmaids" which is when everybody started leaving. 
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  • For my b-party my bff took me to the spa. It was exactly what I wanted.
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  • I'm 25. My MOH asked me what I want and I said I want to go out and have a good time, but not such a good time I get sick and regret it for days.
  • My swim coach's wife is planning my bachelorette party since my MOH (sister) lives in another country.  It's probably going to be dinner, followed by a chocolate and wine tasting, then maybe some dancing. Keeping it classy!
  • My MOH asked me a couple questions to get a feel for what i wanted. I told her, I dont really care as long its something thats not too out of my sisters comfort zone (shes 19 and while thats drinking age here has been quite sheltered - but is in my wedding party so I def dont wanna exclude her). From what I have heard we are going to get a timeshare in Whistler and do some outdoors stuff and then go out for dinner and to a pub that is throwing a cinco de mayo party. (will be may 5th weekend) We are also planning on taking some dvds and board games in case it rains, it will be a reletively inexpensive weekend with just my closest friends.

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  • I'm guessing we'll be going out to the bar and doing some lame bachelorette party dares and stuff. We are easy to please
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  • We're going to go out for a nice dinner and some wine.  Very tame but that's the way I want it.
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    We went to a drag show and it was so much fun!!!
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  • We're going to a drag show and some bars.  I guess it's somewhere in the middle of the scale. 
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  • I don't really like the whole idea of a crazy bachelorette or a bachelor party. For one, it really isn't your last "single" night. You are still in a committed relationship with someone. And I just don't like the message it can send - like oh gotta get my fun time on now. No more of that after I'm married! Whatever. FI and I are planning a BBQ cookout over the summer and inviting our friends and family as our Jack & Jill bachelor/bachelorette. Just a get together for everyone to hang out and spend time together. My FI requested one thing: pinatas. Lol.
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    I really don't want one.  I'm not a wild and crazy person, and I drink minimally.  I really just want a really nice dinner out and time to hang out with my girls, if I get anything.  The ones I want to ask when the time comes, only one lives in the same state as I do, and one is very underage.
  • when they asked me I said no penises and no strippers!
    We'll probably end up with a spa day for close friends and then drinks/dancing/karaoke later with a larger circle

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  • I told my MOH (who's throwing my party) that I want to have fun, but I don't want to get drunk. She decided to throw one final shower and invited all of my friends. It's romance themed, so we'll be watching sappy movies and eating cookies. We'll then go out to dinner. I think she's planning games and fun activities. I'm excited! I can have fun and maybe have a drink or two, but I won't get wasted.
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  • I had dinner with my girlfriends and then a lingerie shower in my hotel suite (of the hotel I was getting married in) afterwards.  It was perfect.
  • I didn't want a bachelorette party.  My MOH and I spent the afternoon together getting pedicures and our last hair trial.  It was perfect :)
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  • Me and my partner are actually both really looking forward to our bachelor/bachlorette parties.  He keeps saying he isn't sure what he's doing, but I'm sure he'll end up having a nice meal somewhere followed by a strip club and drinking.  I am totally fine with this, even fine with him getting a lap dance.  As long as he comes home to me I don't care what happens.

    As for my bachelorette party, I'm invisioning having a dinner with the girls, followed with a burlequese show.
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  • we are going bar hoping
  • We are going to have lunch at a rooftop restaurant in the city.  At first I wanted a hotel weekend by the pool but realized it might get a little crazier than I want and I really don't want to be indulging just a few weeks before the skinniest day of my life lol
  • I have an idea of what my BM are planning and it is NOT tame.  To be honest I'm a little scared.  But I'll go with it!  A lingerie shower sounds amazing.  I hope everyone brings me something like that!
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  • I have asked for a trip to Disneyland. Something all the girls, and I, will be able to enjoy. I don't want to go out and get crazy, and even though I would love a spa day, I know that can get REALLY exspensive really fast. As for Fi, knowing his Best Man, he'll probably have a crazy night out. I told him I don't care what he looks at, but NO TOUCHING. I totally trust him.
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