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Old, new, borrowed, blue

What are some unique ideas for something borrowed and old? I have everything I need- including jewelery. Just looking for something unique- no veils, earrings, bracelets or anything. Thanks!!!
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Re: Old, new, borrowed, blue

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    tldhtldh member
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    Mine was:

    Old - handkerchief made by my late grandma with lace handmade by her mother.  I carried this with my bouquet

    New - bracelet with shamrocks and horseshoes that my florist wrapped around my bouquet

    Borrowed - the six pence that was in my mom's shoe on her wedding day

    Blue - toenail polish.
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    TiffannieFTiffannieF member
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    I'm not really sure what you mean for unique....but these were mine:


    Old: my mother's ring

    Borrowed: petticoat

    Blue: garter

    No one asked me what my 4 traditions were now that I think about it, lol.

    ETA:  I also wanted to point out to you at the top of the forums is a sticky that says  "looking for something new,.....etc". There is a list there. 
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    for my something old i will be having my seamstress sew a small piece of the  lace from my mother's wedding dress inside my wedding dress. my something new is a pair of underwear that says "The New Mrs. My New Last Name."  My something blue is the letters I Do in sparkles on the button of my shoes. I haven't decided what my somehting borrowed will be.
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    Old: Fiance's grandmother's/mother's garter, my mother's ring that her mother had made for her
    New: Dress, veil, shoes, earrings and bracelets...take your pick
    Borrowed: Garter, mother's ring
    Blue: Ribbon in garter, sapphires in mother's ring
    I like the idea of the penny in your shoe from the year of your marriage! 

    For unique ideas, I think toe polish is a great idea. Also consider the blue in the garter, that is the easiest to do I think. Perhaps have something blue sewn in your dress...a monogram, a piece of a deceased or living family member's clothing, a special phrase embroidered? Something else fun I have seen is paint the bottom of your shoes blue, maybe add some glitter!
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    ^^ these are all great, toe polish is so cute! :)
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    For my old I am having my seamstress sew part of my mother's and my grandmother's dress ontp the inside of my dress
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