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Jewish tradition of breaking glass

Does anyone have experience with this wedding tradition of breaking a glass?  What type of glass should I buy to break?  Is there a specific type that's better (regular glass, wine glass, etc).
Thank you!
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Re: Jewish tradition of breaking glass

  • Lots of people use a lightbulb as PP said because they are easy to break and are cheap.  Our rabbi did not allow that because he doesn't think the sound is as nice adn didn't want to break tradition of using a real glass.  We picked up a wine glass at ikea or Goodwill or something for a couple of dollars.  If you can, look for something thin so that it's easier for the groom to smash.
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    I've accidentally broke many a $2 wine glass from Crate and Barrel -- I'm sure they're thin enough to break purosefully without too much issue.
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    [QUOTE]Maybe get two glasses, so he can have a practice one?
    Posted by Liatris2010[/QUOTE]

    Our rabbi actually recommended this. Apparently he has had couples who had thicker glasses that didn't break easily. Nothing ends the ceremony quite like the groom failing to break the glass because it's too hard!

    Also, if you want any of the Shardz products you can find online, I think you're supposed to use their glass.
  • Any glass will do.  There is no "required" glass.  Wrap whatever you use in a napkin or cloth pouch to prevent the shards from going everywhere.

    Lightbulbs have often been used because they are easy to break.  If, however, you want to save the glass as a memento, I wouldn't recommend this.  Also, it has to be an old style light bulb, not a CFL, which contain mercury and should never be purposely broken.

    If you are going to buy a random glass, I recommend getting two as PPs suggested to make sure it breaks easily.  Also try to avoid long stems as they are usually either difficult to break or if they do they end up leaving a small spear like thing that can hurt someone.

    Also, you can now buy glasses specially designed for this so they are fragile.  After breaking, the shards are put in a mezuzah or picture frame as a keepsake.  There are also companies to which you send the broken glass back after the wedding and they encapsulate the pieces (for example - disclaimer - I know nothing about that particular company, so do some research before using them) 

    Just google "Jewish wedding glass" and you will get tons of hits with different ideas, places to purchase, and additional pieces to store the shards after the wedding.   I got a beautiful purple glass with a velvet pouch from my grandmother and another glass with an encapsulation mezuzah from some relatives when we got engaged.
  • Unless you are seeking some sort of keepsake, don't spend a lot of money on this. We bought one at a dollar store. Worked fine.
  • go to a judaica store and buy the special glass.  you can then bring it back to the judaica store and they will put the glass inside of something judiac for you to save.  I am going to have mine put into a clear mezuzah to hang on the door of our bedroom when we have a house. other options are to put it in shabbat candles, a picture frame, etc.  I'm so excited that we will be able to keep the glass forever!
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  • Mazel Tov Glass ( is a unique spin on this breaking glass tradition. They blow the glass and after the wedding take the shards and make a keepsake bowl or vase. 
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