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Help Asking Dad!

Ok I posted this on my local board and only had one person respond. So if anyone has any more ideas I would love to hear them!

I want to honor both my parents and have them walk me down the aisle. I know approaching my mom will be no problem she will be thrilled. However, I don't know how my dad will react. My parents have been divorced for many years and when my sister was married over 10 years ago our relationship with him was not good. She had my mom walk her down the aisle and my dad did not approve and it started a huge fight and he ended up not being at the wedding. Our relationship now is "great" compared to what it was before. However,  he has been very distant about my wedding in general and taking notes from my sisters wedding I think it may be that I haven't asked him to walk me down the aisle. I have been avoiding it because I don't know how to handle telling him my mom will be involved. I would like to ask soon, so if there is a problem that maybe it will cool down before the actual wedding and he can at least be there. Advice please!!!  Thanks!

Re: Help Asking Dad!

  • Well, the upside for you is that you are actually asking him to walk with you, instead of your sister not asking him. Just tell him that you'd like to honor both of them and you want both of them to walk with you. If he declines, then that's his choice, but at least you asked.

    And yes, he may be distant because he doesn't want to get his hopes up..
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  • I agree with SarahPLiz completely. If he declines, then that's it his loss! If he isn't mature enough to understand then... well, too bad. It's your wedding- not his.
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