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My FI and I were talking the other day about what to get the wedding party. I was thinking about making bracelets and/or necklaces for the girls. We have NO IDEA what to get the guys. Any ideas? 

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    FI's best friend gave all of the guys monogrammed cuff links. He has worn them to every wedding we've been to since. The usual suggestion is to shop like it is their birthday. You do not have to give everyone the same thing and it should not be something you are requiring them to wear to your wedding.
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    Thats what I told my FI about gifts for the guys. The suggestion of buying like it's their birthday is a good idea. I'll have to tell him that. 

    The gifts I was going to make for thr girls isn't something they have to wear. I'm not that kind of bride. :)
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    Oooh, that's fun.  You'll have to post pics when you're done!
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    For the guys we got them a BBQ set from TK, it was on sale for like $15 and it was very nice!  The guys REALLY loved them.
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