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Unresponsive church

Even though I am not the most religious person, I have always imagined my ceremony in a church - it just feels right to me. So I turned to the website of the church that I have been a member of since childhood, and this is how it reads:

"If you are a church member and would like to have your wedding ceremony in the _____ Presbyterian Church sanctuary, please call Mrs.____:, or email ____ as soon as you become engaged, to secure a date on our calendar. Mrs.____ will send each bride and groom a wedding planning booklet, will schedule the church and other rooms to be used, will assist couples in contacting an organist and soloist, will help them make a connection with the pastor of their choice, and will direct them to the wedding coordinator with whom they will work out logistical details."  Sounds great right?

So I emailed Mrs. ___ as it says. No response. A little over a week later, I called and spoke with her.  She had a very snide attitude and basically brushed me off saying that since my wedding is so far away (June 2013) it's really not important.  I'm no "all-about-me" bride, but it's kind of disheartening to hear your church say your wedding isn't important. She also mentiond that she forwarded my email along to the head pastor, and he would get back to me when he could. About a week after that I still hadn't heard from him, so I sent him a very nice email explaining that I really just wanted to get a general idea of things, such as price, time, premarital requirements, etc. That was over 3 weeks ago and I still haven't heard anything.  I would really like to call or something and point out how difficult they're being, but I don't want to upset my own church, so I may just end up having the ceremony at the rception venue.

My mom thinks they're acting this way because I'm not the most dedicated member, as I mentioned. I make it for the major holidays and a few times inbetween, but presbyterian churches aren't exactly known for their strictness.  Any advice??
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