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Alternatives to the grand entrance?

I'm really not at all excited about doing a "grand entrance" where the MC announces the whole wedding party and FI and I.  Has anyone found a clever way to just slip in during cocktail hour unannounced?  Or will that just be too awkward?  I mean, we'll probably still show up at the end of cocktail hour, just before dinner gets started, b/c we'll be doing WP pics in the church.  Can we just walk in, say a few hello's, then sit down and eat?  FI thinks it will be too weird and I should just suck it up and do the grand entrance.  

Re: Alternatives to the grand entrance?

  • I also agree that I'm not that comfortable with the whole grand entrance thing, but I also think it would be strange to just slip in unannounced.  We are planning on just having the MC introduce us as we enter the dining room.  We're not going to have all of the WP introduced, because that seemed like unnecessary fuss.
  • I think that sounds like a great idea.  Just start talking to your guests at cocktail hour and walk in with them.  Just make sure you tell your DJ that you absolutely do not want to be announced.  Sometimes DJs get stuck in traditions too and will forget or "slip up" and announce you anyway.
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  • We're just showing up. Except for the whole "Watch me at the alter getting hitched," having attention focused on me is weird. "Watch me walk into the room! Yay!" So we're just going to walk in. We'll have 70-ish guests, so they'll probably notice. If not, they'll at least notice when the buffet is opened :o)
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  • I think having no grand entrance is just fine....much more humble thats for sure. Like PP said I would just inform the DJ that you do NOT want an entrance annoucement. 
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  • We aren't doing a grand entrance either.  After our ceremony the cocktail hour is starting immediately, while we get pictures taken.  I think we will just slip in after we are done with pictures and walk into dinner with everyone else. 
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  • what about having the DJ just announce everyone together i.e. "if everyone could make their way to their seats for dinner ....blah blah blah......please welcome Mr. and Mrs. .... and their wedding party...."  I guess that still counts as an entrance but I guess I was thinking of it as a collective intro with everyone rather than announcing everyone individually...
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