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Dance for the married couples...

It has been tradition in our family weddings to have a dance where all the married couples are called to the dance floor, and throughout the song the dj asks couples to leave (ie if you have been married under a year, under five years, under ten years, etc) until there is one couple left and they say how long they have been married and wish the newlyweds a long happy marriage such as this couple.

     At my oldest brother's wedding it was really awesome, as my grandparents were the last dancing, as they had been married about 65 years!
    My dilemma is that while I love this tradition, I fear it will cause problems.  None of our grandparents are alive, and my FMIL is a reccent widow.  My parents will be the last one's dancing, and have already remarked that they are the guests that have been married the longest.  I do not want to make my FMIL uncomfortable.  Should I talk to her about it?  Just nix the idea completely?  Suggest my FH dance with his mother when we are asked to leave the dance floor, for the years his mother and father were married?  Any other ideas?

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